Residents for Responsible Mining (R4RM) was established by a group of Bindoon residents who became concerned about the impact of initial “trial” bauxite mining operations conducted by Bauxite Resources Limited (BRL) (ASX:BAU) in the vicinity of Stephens Road, Bindoon and a proposal to increase the scale of those operations to 3mtpa.

R4RM now has support from more than 75 households in the Shire of Chittering who are concerned that their property and Town Planning rights are being ignored, and that due process must be followed before any decision is taken to allow mining in the Shire.

The potential impact of large scale mining of bulk bauxite in the Darling Scarp is enormous. Therefore R4RM have been asking the questions:

  • How did this happen without BRL going through the normal processes of public consultation, environmental assessment and amendment of the Shire’s Town Planning Scheme (TPS)?
  • What does this mean for the residents of the Darling Scarp region; our residential and visual amenity, our natural environment, our roads and road safety, our future as an agricultural community, our agricultural and tourism businesses and our water resources.

In order to address the issues and concerns associated with BRL’s operations, R4RM has established the following key objectives:

  • To ensure that BRL follows due process with regard to responsible environmental management, with the minimum process to be set at the level of a Public Environmental Review (PER)
  • To compel BRL to provide full disclosure on the extent of its mining operations to-date as well as the full extent of its future operational plans in the Shire
  • To achieve a halt to BRL’s operations in the Darling Scarp until such time as BRL has secured relevant environmental and planning approvals to operate
  • To safeguard the local environment, infrastructure, water supply and residents’ and business amenity against negative impacts arising from BRL’s operations in the Darling Scarp
  • To ensure that ratepayers are informed and have a say in upholding the Chittering Shire Town Planning Scheme which prohibits mining in the Shire
  • To raise awareness of the unique environmental and amenity aspects of the Darling Scarp and the region’s growing economy that is not reliant on mining.
  • To ensure that if mining takes place in Chittering, it will be on the basis of
    • No impact on residential amenity and tourism businesses
    • No impact on agricultural land and production
    • No impact on agricultural water resources or water catchments
    • No impact on our visual amenity – especially the Bindoon escarpment
    • Minimal impact on our flora, fauna and natural environment
    • BRL providing its own transport infrastructure
    • Proper location of train loading infrastructure, haul routes and conveyors away from residences, crops and native vegetation
    • No adverse impact on local roads and road safety
    • Independent environmental benchmarking and substantial environmental bonds

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